Dr. Mukesh Batra Assumes Office as President

PI_1It was an evening filled with cheer and revelry as members gathered in large numbers to commemorate Dr. Mukesh Batra’s installation as the 89th RCB President. The meeting started on the musical notes of ‘Itni shakti humein dena daata…’ sung by his very-talented grandson, Hriman Batra.

PI_2The installation took place in the presence of Hon’ Union Minister for Women and Child Welfare, Mrs. Maneka Gandhi; District Governor, Gopal Rai Mandhania, and other distinguished guests. Dr. Batra set the tone for the year by saying, “My priorities and approach are largely shaped by my own 44 years experience as a doctor. Fortunately as with homeopathy, I shall keep my prescriptions sweet yet sure, painless but permanent.”

PI_3“My focus area will primarily be health, and as a natural extension, education. This is because, health is no longer just a medical issue – it has increasingly become a social issue, more to do with gender, economics, environment, sanitation and scores of other factors. A child’s wheezing is as much about his lungs, as about his parents fight last night.”

PI_4“Therefore, I would like to focus on three Cs, i.e. Compassion, Commitment and Camaraderie. Compassion is what converts cheque-book charity into a caring investment. Commitment is what turns a committee into a force for change, and Camaraderie is the glue that strengthens and holds us together!”

PI_5It couldn’t have been a happier occasion as Dr. Mukesh Batra’s Presidential installation happened to be on the same day as his 65th birthday. Surrounded by Union Minister, Mrs. Maneka Gandhi, jewelry designer Farah Khan, celebrated ghazal-singer Pankaj Udhas, actor Madhoo Shah, family, friends and fellow Rotarians, Dr. Batra cut his cake, while Hriman Batra eagerly awaited his turn to feed ‘grandpa’