Solar Installation Report

On 23rd April 2018 the beautiful Bay View Marina garden being maintained by the Cuffe Parade Residents Association (CPRA) got a little greener. The Rotary Club of Bombay (RCB) gifted a solar installation so that the energy-guzzling water pumps could now be powered entirely by solar energy. The occasion saw Mumbai South Member of Parliament Arvind Sawant (as the Chief Guest), MLA Raj Purohit, CPRA President Vijay Bhimrajka, CPRA Secretary General and RCB President Ramesh Narayan speaking about the environmental effort.

President Ramesh Narayan said, these motors are energy-guzzlers and the 10 KW solar system that has been installed will generate on an average 40,000 watts power per day which translates into at least 12,000 units of electricity per yearon a conservative basis. This will reduce the current electricity bill by upto 60% which in monetary terms translates toupto Rs 1,44,000 per year. The two main water pumps used for watering the beautiful Bay View Marina garden day and night will entirely run on this solar power plant which also has a storage capacity of 24,000 watts for night time use.

In addition this renewable energy initiative by the Rotary club of Bombay will result in reduction of CO2 emissions by 3500 Kgs per year. The entire effort has been driven by the RCB Environment Committee Chaired by Rajesh Shah along with Director Madhusudhan Daga. Rajesh Shah said that community welfare projects like these added great value to residents and was a priority area in the Committee’s activities this year.