The 3rd Assimilation Committee hosted by Rtn. Rahil Shah

The 3rd Assimilation Committee hosted by Rtn. Rahil Shah

The 3rd assimilation fellowship was graciously hosted by new Rotarian Rahil Shah. Rahil was joined by his lovely fiancé Vasudha and parents Dr. Nilesh and Dr. Rita in welcoming all to their lovely home. Incidentally Dr. Nilesh and Dr. Rita are Rotarians at the Rotary Club of Bombay Midtown for several years. Rahil’s family runs […]


The Second Assimilation Fellowship

On a nice, August misty afternoon, Vikram & Gauri Daiya graciously hosted the second assimilation fellowship at their beautiful home. The house with an exotic view of the Arabian Sea and Priyadarshini Park played the perfect venue for this luncheon. In attendance amongst the newer Rotarians were Natasha, Xenia, Harsh, Mudit, Rahil with fiancé Vasudha, […]


Rtn. Sandip Agarwalla on the Importance of Fellowship Meetings

The two most important pillars of the Rotary Club are fellowship and service. Representing the Fellowship Committee at the Tuesday meeting was Rtn. Sandip Agarwalla, who added to these two pillars a third: the ability to complement service with fellowship. Unfortunately, the weekly meeting does not give rotarians enough time to interact with each other. […]

9th Assimilation Committee Mini-Fellowship

9th Assimilation Committee Mini-Fellowship

The 9th Assimilation Committee Mini-Fellowship Cocktails & Dinner was graciously hosted by Rtn. Mrs. Sheila Bulchandani at her splendid Malabar Hill home on the evening of 4th May 2017. The setting was warm and wonderful. The evening started with the choicest cocktails and delicious hor’douvres, over sit down conversations as the invitees arrived being personally […]

The 7th Mini Fellowship of RCB

The 7th Mini Fellowship of RCB

The 7th Mini Fellowship of RCB was hosted by our New Rotarian Vivek & Ptn. Amisha Himatsingka in February 22nd 2017. The venue for a fun evening of Cocktails & Dinner was the Ground Floor Bar at the Bombay Gymkhana Club. In attendance were President Dr. Mukesh Batra, PP Paul George, Vineet & Rinku Suchanti, […]

5th Mini Fellowship

5th Mini Fellowship

Rotarian Peter Born & Rotaryanne Erika Born held the 5th Mini Fellowship of the Assimilation Committee on Thursday, December 22nd, at their beautiful, artistic and tastefully appointed home in Oomer Park, Warden Road. The lovely hosts had an exquisite Christmas setting with bubbly and drinks flowing at this festive time, followed by a 6 course […]

Christmas celebrations with the RCB family

Christmas Celebrations With The RCB Family

Fellowship is the glue that binds together Rotarians and helps people from diverse walks of life unite under the banner of Rotary to carry out its mission of doing good for the community. To unite for the larger task it’s very essential for leaders to help bring about not just a sense of purpose but […]


Hindi Chini Bhai-Bhai

During a recent business trip to China, I took the opportunity to meet one of the local clubs in China – Rotary Club of Shanghai (RCS). Rotary is an upcoming phenomenon in China, but comes with its own flavours and restrictions. • The original RCS was already formed on October 1st,1919! • During the early […]


Mini Assimilation

On Sunday 25th November, Rotary Anne Nandita and Rtn. Manoj Patodia very generously hosted the Assimilation Committee’s 4th Mini Fellowship at Willingdon Club’s, The Pub. It was an early evening gathering of about 22 members, mixing veteran and newly inducted members. All present had an enjoyable evening with spirited conversations over cocktails and a choice […]


Fellowship to Amritsar

23 Rotarians from our Club made it to Amritsar for 2 nights and 3 days for an outing that many of us might not have chosen as a prime travel destination. The history of Amritsar is full of anecdotes. 3 days were obviously too short to check all those anecdotes, but it was enough to […]