Ananda Yaan – Big Bazaar & Satsang

“Are you ready to shop till you drop? “ was a mega festival organised by Big Bazaar. To make this real experience for our Ananda Yaan members we had a donor Mr Anup Jatia. Anup celebrated his father’s 75th birthday in a unique way. Anup and his wife, Shruti Jatia arranged for gift coupons of Big Bazaar for 75 members of Ananda Yaan – Byculla centre.

Anup also arranged a bus for the senior citizens to all go together to shop. Shruti, Anup’s wife arranged a blissful bhajan and Satsang evening on 13th April with Mr. Ishank Raghupate, who is an Art of Living faculty teaching meditation and breathing techniques to people since 2008. He is a very good music composer – arranger and he conducts spiritual bhajan sandhyas wherever he is invited.

Members had a mesmerising evening singing bhajans, meditating, dancing and satsang in Marathi. The members gathered on a 14th April to go to Big Bazaar – Matunga and enjoyed their shopping and fun together.

Committee members, first lady Mrs. Devi Narayan and rotaryanne Mrs. Ekta Shah participated in the celebration by singing along and Dancing with the joyous members.