Rtn. Zinia Lawyer on the Scholarship Committee’s Progress

At the beginning of our weekly meeting, Zinia Lawyer, the Chairman of the Scholarship Committee, announced the progress of the committee thus far. With a budget of 25 lakhs, they are looking at helping the students from the Club’s Bhavishya Yaan program, and have already received applications from the top students at multiple schools around […]

Scholarship Committee Report 2016

To start with 30 Bhavishya Yaan students were awarded scholarships aggregating `1,61,871 for further studies. Additionally, 10 girl students from night study centers will be presented a cheque of `10,000/- each for B. R. Nevatia scholarships and 5 girl students from night study centers will be presented Haso Thadani and Vimala Deshpande scholarships of `15,000/- […]


School going Aditya Bhople Invents gadget for the Blind!

1 4 – y e a r – o l d Aditya Bhople from Nagpur has a lot to be proud of! At an age when teens start demanding the latest gizmos from their parents, Aditya has gone on to invent a device that aids the visually impaired to actually help convert text to speech. […]