Vol. 59 No. 24 • December 12, 2017

Dear friends, There are nine Australian students interning at our Bhavishya Yaan program in five Municipal Schools. It speaks volumes for the commitment of these foreigners and for the value this program affords. Along with 8 Western Sydney University students I am working at Bhavishya- Yaan Student Enrichment Project as an education intern for one […]

Vol. 59 No. 23 • December 5, 2017

Dear friends, The President of Rotary International is on a whistle-stop tour of India and he is in Mumbai for just one day, 12th December. Your Club is the Lead Host for a dinner at the Taj President Hotel where he will be attending the only official engagement of his brief stop-over. It would be […]

Vol. 59 No. 22 • November 28, 2017

Dear friends, I am overwhelmed by a sense of gratitude. I am grateful to all those who heeded my call and came to Talwada on the 26th. November. I am sure you’ll realized why I say that the work that Rotary does at Talwada makes us all proud. This is pure unadulterated service to the […]

Vol. 59 No. 21 • November 21, 2017

Dear friends, The smog in New Delhi is a warning to us that we should be paying more attention to our environment. Organizations like the Rotary Club of Bombay can play a significant role in the community, in areas such as the environment, and we should step up to the plate. I am very happy […]

Vol. 59 No. 20 • November 14, 2017

Dear friends, Here is an example of how Rotary works and makes a difference. Three Rotary Clubs came together with remarkable alacrity to touch the life of a little Bhavishya Yaan child. Here’s how we went from identifying a congenital heart disease to open heart surgery in 15 days! Rani Santosh Talekar a 11 year […]

Vol. 59 No. 19 • November 7, 2017

Talwada- 26/11. Be there! Dear friends, For too long we have associated 26/11 with something dreadful and something very sad. While we will always respect the memory of what happened to Mumbai and Mumbaikars on that fateful 26/11, we want to now give the date a more cheerfull and positive context. It is going to […]

Vol. 59 No. 18 • October 31, 2017

Dear friends, Many of you’ll know young Pooja the emcee at my Installation who was spotted and picked up by Rtn. Ashrafi Matcheswala to do a vocational course. Well, she’s doing well and is enjoying the laptop that the Scholarship Committee gifted her. One more young life impacted by the Rotary Club of Bombay.

Vol. 59 No. 17 • October 24, 2017

Dear friends, I am very glad that Diwali was celebrated by members of our Club with great enthusiasm at the Fellowship organised by Sandip Agarwala and his team. This issue of the Gateway and a few issues after this will carry reports received by us for the second Club Assembly. Please read them carefully. The […]

Vol. 59 No. 16 • October 17, 2017

Dear friends, Diwali is the biggest festival in India. Let it be a festival of giving and sharing. With minimum noise and air pollution. I am very glad the Environment Committee is taking on the Bay View Marina Park at Cuffe Parade as anexample of what a truly Green park should be. It’s not just […]

Vol. 59 No. 15 • October 10, 2017

Our Cotton Green medical centre began with Dr. Batra’s Homeopathy Clinic. It now has a dental chair, an optometrist and a collection Centre of NM Medical. All these provide vital medical care to the underprivileged. And the beneficiaries do not have to pay for these services. Very soon we intend opening a Maternal and Child […]