Vol. 58 No. 17 • November 15, 2016

Having met and heard Subha Barry was truly a privilege, as not often do we meet someone with a tireless soul and an indomitable spirit, someone who despite the repeated bouts of cancer fights back to inspire others with her courage and passion for life. And I feel even more fortunate that with the inauguration […]

Vol. 58 No. 16 • November 8, 2016

As expected, the Diwali celebrations this year too, exceeded most of our expectations, offering a perfect setting to a brilliant audience! I would also like to congratulate Suresh Goklaney for his nomination as the Rotary Responsible Business honoree at UN, and for making us all proud. Further, here is list of RCB’s contribution to TRF: […]

Vol. 58 No. 15 • October 25, 2016

Dear Fellow Rotarians, Before we set ourselves into the festive spirit, it is time for us to look back at the wonderful and enriching journey we’ve had so far, acknowledge all that we have achieved and forge ahead to making the impossible, possible! Remember, RCB is and always will be an epitome of community service, the […]

Vol. 58 No. 14 • October 18, 2016

This past week has been a rather busy one for most of us, starting with the rejuvenating meditation with Mr. Sanjay Bhatia, the empowering talk by Shailesh Gandhi, the mass scale of the Diabetes Camps held across various locations, and the cancer screening camp organized at the G.K. Marg School. Kudos to President-Elect Ramesh Narayan, Madhusudan Daga and all other members of the Cancer Aid Committee for launching a multi-channel social media […]

Vol. 58 No. 13 • October 4, 2016

I t was great to see a large number of Rotarians turn up for the annual Table Tennis Tournament held at the YMCA, last Sunday. It was an exciting morning with lots of fellowship. Kudos to Jamshyd, Moy, Sanjiv and the Sports Committee for a well-organized event! It was a pleasure to receive Dr. Philip […]

Vol. 58 No. 12 • September 27, 2016

Even the rain gods couldn’t dampen the spirit of Rotarians who gathered at the Darbar hall of the Asiatic Society last week. It was a proud moment for our Rotarians at the inauguration of the conservation lab. The Darbar hall in all its grandeur was an apt venue for the excellent talk by Magsaysay Awardee, Mr. P. Sainath. The diversity of rural India in terms of regions, languages, and […]

Vol. 58 No. 11 • September 20, 2016

The last week too, was a busy one. Starting with the afternoon with Dr. Ajit Ranade, whose immense knowledge of economics with absolutely contemporary issues was commendable, and his passion and conviction in promoting an inclusive, equal environment reflected his patriotic self. Another big event was the District Interact conference named ’Udaan Icon 2016’ which was a perfect example of teamwork between Interactors, Rotaractors and Rotarians. A shout out to Rtn […]

Vol. 58 No. 10 • September 13, 2016

Bhavishya Yaan has once again made RCB proud by setting another milestone with E-learning, which has now also become a thrust area for the Rotary International TEACH Initiative of the Rotary India Literacy Mission. Kudos to Committee Chair Satyan Israni and all those who were involved in making it happen! Last Tuesday’s meeting with Dr. Raghuram Rajan was one etched in stone. He managed to woo the audience with […]

Vol. 58 No. 9 • September 6, 2016

This week’s talk by Sanjay Bhatia was truly an enlightening one. So often we look for answers, which are not only difficult to find, but also affect us deeply at a soul level. And if meditation can be a means to achieving those answers, then we certainly have a golden key. Also, as we begin […]

Vol. 58 No. 8 • August 30, 2016

As we complete the second month of this Rotary year, the excitement continues. We received a global grant of USD 53,000 from Rotary International for our coveted Jal Jeevan project. Compliments to PP Sandip Agarwalla for making it happen. Also, a big congratulations to PP Nirav Shah for his persistent effort in successfully receiving the […]