Vol. 59 No. 44 • May 15, 2018

Dear friends, This one is for my Directors. The four who joined the Board in my term. Not to say the others are any less. They have all been exemplary. The interesting thing is that Past President Rumy Jehangir advised me once that “you will always have your friends, so don’t think of stacking the […]

Vol. 59 No. 43 • May 8, 2018

So whose year is it anyway? As the Rotary year draws to a close, I am being increasingly accosted by well-meaning members of our Club with the question “So how has your year been going?” And my standard answer has been, “you need to tell me that”. Yet I have been thinking about it and […]

Vol. 59 No. 42 • April 24, 2018

Dear friends, The elderly gentleman whose picture you see is a member of Ananda Yaan Byculla centre. His name isn’t important. His story is. When he joined Ananda Yaan some seven months back, he had difficulty walking and could barely see with one eye. A couple of weeks back he went to one of our […]

Vol. 59 No. 40 • April 10, 2018

Dear friends, One of the things I was apprehensive about when I was taking over as President of the RCB was the rather daunting prospect of raising money for our large, meaningful and very necessary social service projects. Yet, I committed myself to one thing. I would not seek funds for my Rotary year alone. […]

Vol. 59 No. 39 • April 3, 2018

Dear friends, We have an exciting speaker line up for the next few weeks. Kabir Bedi, Dia Mirza and Amin Sayani. You can’t miss these meetings. 6th April will also see an exclusive dinner in honor of the visiting Rotary International President Elect. Where our own Arvind Jolly will be felicitated for his meaningful contribution […]

Vol. 59 No. 38 • March 27, 2018

Dear Friends, Every organization has its high profile and high decibel members. Performers who are seen and heard and rightfully recognised for what they bring to the table. But then sometimes we forget to specially acknowledge a significant group who soldier on, not caring for the spotlight, happy to do what they feel is right. […]

Vol. 59 No. 37 • March 20, 2018

Looking back with satisfaction. Looking ahead with confidence. On the 19th of March 1929, the Rotary Club of Bombay was founded. That means we are entering our ninetieth year. And unlike in a game of cricket, this will not be the nervous nineties for us. This is a time to look back, reflect on the […]

Vol. 59 No. 36 • March 13, 2018

Dear friends, Our Rotarians have discovered the joys of traveling together. And they are reveling in it. Anar Shah led a group of Rotarians to Rishikesh. And I vicariously enjoyed the trip through the lenses of our expert photographers. The next issue of the Gateway will show you how much these travelers enjoyed themselves. And […]

Vol. 59 No. 35 • March 6, 2018

Dear friends, The person who will head the Rotaract movement in the coming Rotary Year is our own Rotaractor Hansika Shahani. Youth has a large role to play in the Rotary movement and some of these young Rotaractors grow to become fine Rotarians. Our IPP Mukesh Batra is one of them. We have been encouraging […]

Vol. 59 No. 34 • February 27, 2018

Dear friends, There was a time when we looked out for material to fill up the Gateway in a meaningful manner, week after week. Yes, bringing out a weekly bulletin can be very challenging. I am very pleased to report we now have a problem of plenty. We are routinely holding over matter because of […]