Vol. 59 No. 42 • April 24, 2018

Dear friends,
The elderly gentleman whose picture you see is a member of Ananda Yaan Byculla centre. His name isn’t important. His story is.

When he joined Ananda Yaan some seven months back, he had difficulty walking and could barely see with one eye.

A couple of weeks back he went to one of our Rotaryannes and told her that after the yoga sessions, he can actually see a bit with that eye, and he feels like dancing to the music that is played there.

He attended a music show at Chembur where a couple of donors had chipped in to buy 50 tickets, hire a bus and provided dinner to our elders.

I am absolutely certain that there would no way to explain all this in a medical way.

But guess what. There’s no need to do it.

Happiness is a wonderful thing.

It makes you feel alive again. It’s made our elderly gent feel alive again. And that’s what’s important. That’s what Ananda Yaan is all about.

Making people happy.

And please speak to the Ananda Yaan Committee members. In making these poor elders happy, they are pretty happy people too. So gift some happiness and experience the happiness yourself.

More and more people are coming forward to celebrate events with Ananda Yaan.

They are gifting vouchers at Big Bazaar, temple visits, new saris, visits to music shows and movies.

Yes they are gifting happiness. Try it. You’ll love it.