Vol. 59 No. 44 • May 15, 2018

Dear friends,
This one is for my Directors. The four who joined the Board in my term.

Not to say the others are any less. They have all been exemplary.

The interesting thing is that Past President Rumy Jehangir advised me once that “you will always have your friends, so don’t think of stacking the Board with them”.

And so I thought long and hard.

Experience, expertise and an ability to call a spade a spade. That’s Pradeep Chinai for you. The only thing one could hold against him was that he proposed my name as a member of the RCB.

Legacy is important. It ensures a proper understanding of the culture and values this Club stands for. And Tara Deshpande really fits that bill. Her late father was one of our illustrious President’s. That I didn’t know her very well was almost a bonus point.

And then you thought of diverse experience, a proven track record of wanting to help and Homi Katgara seemed an ideal fit.

That left solidity, an unflappable nature and the willingness to go that extra mile to help. That’s how I’d describe Madhusudhan Daga. That I call him a friend was not going to be an issue with the maturity he always displays.

And there you had it. My choices for the Board of Directors.

And through this year they have (along with the other four Directors) been active, vocal, outspoken, wise and very supportive.

Sure they’ve disagreed with things. And they’ve spoke their minds. And they’ve been even vociferous at times. But that’s exactly why they were there in the first place.

But they have advised me well, inspired me to go ahead and do what was right and never hesitated to correct a course they felt wasn’t in the best interests of the Club.

Above all they have been very gracious people.

And I’m very proud that after a year, I feel I can call them all my friends.

And that’s what Rotary is all about.