Drama at Asiatic’s Darbar Hall by The Urban Heritage Committee

Rotarians and their guests were regaled by a powerful performance of ‘9 Parts of Desire’ a one-woman act by Ira Dubey. The award-winning, internationally acclaimed play by Heather Raffo was organised by the Urban Heritage Committee at Asiatic Library’s historic Darbar Hall, on March 17. The play is an unflinching look at the heartrending effect of […]

Urban Conservation Committee Update

I am a life member of Asiatic Society of Mumbai and attended 213th Annual General meeting on Saturday, 19th August in the Town Hall of the Society. At the 213th Annual General meeting of the Asiatic Society of Mumbai held on 19th August in the Town Hall of the Society, the President, Mr. S.G. Kale, […]


Urban Conservation Committee Report 2016

The Urban Conservation Committee successfully executed the extension of the Conservation Laboratory at the Asiatic Society, and the restoration space is already being utilized. This project got widespread publicity in various daily newspapers, and generated a lot of awareness for Rotary Club and its activities. The committee also hosted an evening Rotary Meeting on 20th September, […]


Public Relations Committee Report 2016

RCB’s contribution to Asiatic Library’s book conservation capabilities received a lot of appreciation from the press in the form of large features. Thus, the Public Relations Committee has been effective in acquiring wide media coverage across the topmost publications for Asiatic Library lab as well as for Mr. Raghuram Rajan.


Inauguration of the Asiatic Society Conservation Lab

The restoration of Asiatic Society’s Conservation Lab was spearheaded by RCB’s Urban Heritage Renewal Committee under the leadership of PP Dr. Sonya Mehta, with a view to restore, digitize and preserve the literary treasures that resided in the Town Hall of Mumbai. Despite its competent team of conservationists, the Society was unable to meet its expected number of book restorations in […]

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Book Launch At Asiatic Society

The Urban Heritage Renewal Committee is pleased to announced the launch of ‘Conservation Laboratory at the Asiatic Library’, during the evening weekly Club meeting at the Asiatic Society on September 20, 2016. The inauguration will be followed by the meeting in the Durbar Hall, where guest speaker Mr. P. Sainath, author, eminent journalist and Magsaysay Award winner, will address the Club.


Kudos to The Asiatic Sub-Committee!

The Town Hall which houses the Asiatic Society of Mumbai is a heritage building, located deep in the city’s historic Fort area, shaped by colonial geography, architecture and sculpture. The Asiatic Society of Mumbai forms part of the network of institutions created by the British to generate, systematize and disseminate knowledge of India and the […]


The Asiatic Society has started republishing rare books

The Asiatic Society is doing all that it can to preserve ageing, decaying manuscripts. It has also taken up the task of reproducing certain old treatises so that the knowledge contained in them is not lost to posterity. One of the rare books that it has just republished is “Colloquies on The Simples & Drugs […]