Women’s Empowerment Committee Report 2016

The projects undertaken by the Women’s Empowerment Committee are as follows: 1. Donated Rs.1,00,000/- to the Rotary Club of Porvorim, Goa, to create Awareness and provide Aid for Women’s Cancer. 2. Supported the Districts Heart Surgeries. 3. Planned the possibilities of building toilets in the slums. 4. Conducted 3 successful Medical camps for the children […]


Health Check-up At IWA

The International Women’s Association (IWA) Clinic at Fort, which is run in partnership with RCB, held a camp for 50 children belonging to the Garden School, Colaba. Each child aged between 4-5 years was checked by a pediatrician, a general practitioner and a dentist. After having completed the checkup, the children were each given a glass of milk, a banana and a much sought-after bar of […]


Brief Report on the IWA Clinic

The Rotary Club of Bombay, in partnership with the International Women’s Association, has been running a clinic for indigent women and children in Mumbai. The clinic has been in operation for over 50 years, however our participation is more recent. Thanks to funds collected by the Rotary Club, the clinic underwent a major renovation in […]


Javed Ali Fund Raiser For Women’s Empowerment

All Rotarians are invited to RCB’s flagship Fund Raiser which will be held on the 29th of March, 2016, at the Bhabha Auditorium, NCPA, Nariman Point, where acclaimed playback singer, Javed Ali, promises to enthrall all with his melodious serenades, known to be as smoothing to the ear as they are enriching in lyrics. Supporting […]


Inauguration of Sukhada–Wins Toilet by RIPE John Germ at Chembur

Stressing on “Dignity of women” Prime Minister Narendra Modi had urged all the parliamentarians and the corporate sector to build separate toilet for girls in schools across the country. In keeping with PM Narendra Modi’s emphasis on facilitating the ‘dignity of women’ by constructing separate toilets for girls in schools across India, the 8th of […]


Inauguration Of Rotary/IWA Clinic On October 22

On April 11, 1962, eleven women of different nationalities, each one of them determined to provide services to poor children, got together and formed the International Women’s Association (IWA). They rented space in the Fort Gratuitous Dispensary (Raveline Street, Fort, Bombay) and started a free medical and nutritional clinic in 1963. It functioned twice a […]


Women’s Empowerment Committee : In Action

The Women’s Empower ment Committee, Chaired by Arin Mster and Dr. Rajeev Narvekar, was formed last year as a collaborative effort by a handful of members who believed it was time to put into action initiatives which created an understanding of women’s issues, offered solutions to women for health and sanitation and increased the overall […]