Putting the Genie Back in the Bottle

Good health is good business and sometimes, good business can also be very good health,” began Anuj Rakyan, who belongs to the young breed of entrepreneurs who have found a way to market their passion. The importance of maintaining a healthy diet and keeping fit “was ingrained in [him] from a very early stage by […]


GST Gets Haribhakti’ s Hari Butee

Rtn. Shailesh Haribhakti was grateful to be the ‘opening batsman’ for the new president; a well chosen analogy, considering that he was the first speaker to inaugurate the new term, and that the inauguration took place at the Cricket Club of India. He was invited to speak about the Goods and Services Tax and give […]

The Art of Giving by the Young and Old - Kalyan Banerjee

The Art of Giving by the Young and Old

Back in 1972, Kalyan Banerjee began his journey as a Rotarian in Vapi, Gujarat. Forty years hence, he has served as the 101st president of Rotary International, and is, at present, the International Chairperson of TRF. While every senior Rotarian has played a character in the story that sums up this triumphant journey, each one […]

Energising India - Dr. Sekhar Basu

Energising India

India’s nuclear power programme was first initiated in the 1950s by Homi Bhabha, a nuclear physicist and the founding director of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Bhabha pioneered the nation’s long-term energy independence, but last week, the Rotary Club of Bombay and Bombay Airport were honoured to meet the man continuing Bhabha’s legacy and […]

‘Eman’ Means Faith - Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala

‘Eman’ Means Faith

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” These words were written by Shakespeare for a play well-known as ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ but in life, or the larger play in which we all perform our roles, there are several instances when these lines resonate just […]

The Game of Life - Rev. Dada Vaswani

The Game of Life

To see the Taj Ballroom filled to the brim with rotarians was a welcoming sight. As the seats found themselves occupied and the room echoed with excited whispers, a sagely but wide-smiling man took to the stage’s podium. “I feel grateful for the opportunity to meet you all,” he began. “I have come here to […]

A Culture of Excellence in Digital India - Aditya Puri

A Culture of Excellence in Digital India

“The world will change,” began Aditya Puri, the current Managing Director of HDFC Bank, after accepting the prestigious Ramkrishna Bajaj Award for Good Governance. As the pioneer of HDFC’s digital banking services, Mr. Puri was of course talking about Digital India and how technology has changed the way our nation’s markets currently function. Before the […]

Mumbai, Reconnected - Ashwini Bhide

Mumbai, Reconnected

Despite Mumbai’s intricate and seemingly wellconnected public transportation, our city is often missing from top 10 international rankings of public transport systems. In fact, studies show that the average Mumbaikar using the suburban railway spends one and a half hours commuting from their homes to work every single day. So, how do we solve this […]

From Breakthroughs to Breakdowns, with Sameer Dua

From Breakthroughs to Breakdowns, with Sameer Dua

How many times have we drowned ourselves in the complexities of our life’s problems and tried to suppress their effects, rather than using them as stepping stones on the path to a better future? In a world where we often hide our dilemmas and troubles, Sameer Dua showed us how to turn our “breakdowns into […]