Coming of Age

When introducing the speaker, Dr. Poornima Advani said, “He has served in the oil industry, but his heart always lay in the rural areas.” And after finally listening to his heart, Mr. Mathew Cherian now holds the post of Chief Operating Officer of Help Age India, has authored the ground-breaking non-fiction book “A Million Missions,” […]



“If Dawood Ibrahim would have requested my presence, I would say no emphatically, but not to Mr. Ramesh Narayan. So I’m here,” said D. Sivanandhan, DGP (Retd.), before the audience burst out laughing. And with that opening line, the kind words used to introduce D. Sivanandhan’s as an engaging speaker rang true. As you’ll soon […]


Simon Says

Ralph Simon is busy travelling the world when he’s not at home in London. Those who have crossed paths with him say he’s on a relentless search for the best in technological innovation. They also know that he heads the London-based Mobilium Global Group, which counsels personalities and organisations on the practical and profitable way […]

Ajit Singh on Being a Singh-aporean - Ajit Singh

Ajit Singh on Being a Singh-aporean

The Consul General of Singapore, Ajit Singh, was the guest speaker at our meeting on Tuesday. Rotarians were glad that he found the time to be part of the day’s proceedings and take us briefly through the history of Singapore. He laid emphasis on how his country, like ours, was built on the philosophy that […]


Technology, Israel and India

Rotarians had the pleasure of listening to an entrepreneur, who was born in Israel, brought up in America, and, due to his work, travelled the world. He is none other than Yaacov Ben-Yaacov, the veteran US-Israeli hi-tech entrepreneur. He founded PictureVision, which was the first company to bring the convenience of digital photography to the […]


RERA – By Your Side in Rain and Sunshine

Mr. Gautam Chatterjee, the chairman of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority of Maharashtra, was not able to be part of the Rotary meeting due to the heavy rains. Therefore, Rtn. Anil Harish gave the audience a thorough roadmap of the direction in which Mr. Chatterjee wants to drive the much-awaited Real Estate (Regulation and Development) […]


The Making of a Blockbuster

The Rotary Club of Bombay (RCB) has many large on-going projects. HTEC and ADMC at Talwada, Women’s Empowerment at the IWA Clinic, Urban Heritage at the Asiatic, Jal Jeevan in Mumbai’s slums, the new RCB Cotton Green Medical Centre and Bhavishya Yaan (BY) in five Municipal schools. A study of the budgetary requirements revealed that […]


Changing the Game

Jamaica, despite being a smaller country than our own, has won more Olympic medals than India. And it took Sundar Raman only thirty minutes to tell us why, providing answers to many of our pressing questions about sports in India. Only the other day, Usain Bolt ran his last race. To the dismay of his […]


The Voice of the Actual Indian

Our Tuesday meeting was bustling with energy and chatter when the call to take one’s seat was announced. Perhaps this only paralleled the noise that our speaker, Faye D’Souza from the newly-inaugurated TV news channel Mirror Now, would discuss during her speech: With all the noise and clamor that surrounds Indian media, and news especially, […]


Putting the Genie Back in the Bottle

Good health is good business and sometimes, good business can also be very good health,” began Anuj Rakyan, who belongs to the young breed of entrepreneurs who have found a way to market their passion. The importance of maintaining a healthy diet and keeping fit “was ingrained in [him] from a very early stage by […]