All power to the flower

The week before last, we heard Deepak Parekh’s perspective on the government’s development efforts in our city. As the chairman of the Housing Development Finance Corporation, he was very optimistic about the government’s plan for our city. The same optimism percolated into the speech of Niranjan Hiranandani, the speaker last Tuesday. As you well know, he […]


Another Optimist

Deepak Parekh is the Chairman of the Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC). By now, the corporation has financed over six million homes. Therefore, when he was presented the Citizen of Mumbai Award, it was a Rotarian who suggested, “He should be honoured not only as a citizen of Mumbai, but as a citizen of India.” […]


The Gentleman’s Game

Dilip Doshi, former Indian cricketer, was invited to the weekly meeting last Tuesday, entrusted to share his thoughts on a very topical issue: Ethics. Although the subject has been well dissected by some of the greatest philosophers, Doshi’s perspective was rather refreshing. His sporting and business career inspired some very interesting parallels between sportsmanship and […]


The Journey of a Voice

Should it not be assumed that a speaker, given a keen audience, a good thirty minutes to speak, and a buffet lunch at the Taj Mahal Hotel, is a little too complacent about the honour if he begins his speech by saying, “I will be a little short because I have to catch a flight […]


Staying in Tune

The Tuesday meeting began not with a speaker as is typical, but a technical glitch that made the experience of singing the national anthem a little more heroic, for we had to keep in tune without being guided by the backing track. Till the last moment, many were unsure whether or not to assume that […]


The Angst of Sandokan

Sandokan, by the second half of the 19th century, was a young Indian prince diminished of his title and kingdom by British imperialists. To avenge this disastrous turn of events, he made constant attacks on the British forces, in his new avatar as the captain of a den of pirates. Although Sandokan is a character […]


Of Trees and Treats!

Last Tuesday, the pulpit was shared by two speakers from different walks of life, but both seemed to have tread a path that only passion can help us navigate. The speakers were Pooja Dhingra and Zoru Bathena. The latter is the BMC’s biggest nightmare, and the former a young entrepreneur who introduced a Parisian culinary […]


To Create and Keep a Customer

Ambi Parameswaran has spent over thirty years in advertising, a fact confirmed by his enlightening account of the industry in a short thirty minutes. A career spanning so many years has obviously given him a chance to reminisce, and us the pleasure of understanding his perspective on the changing trends. A lot of what he shared […]


All for Bread and Butter

“Forgive, O Lord, my little jokes on Thee, and I’ll forgive Thy great big joke on me,” was a line lent to us by the great American poet, Robert Frost. However, in the context of Bharat Dabholkar’s experiences in advertising, this quote makes for the perfect adman’s prayer. Not just because it is short, concise, and […]


Seeing Through the Fog

Dr. Shubha, the Chief Scientist and Head of Airport Instrumentation at the National Aerospace Laboratories, amazed the Rotarians with her impressive list of achievements last Tuesday. Not only does she have dozens of patents and copyrights in her name, she has also received the 2016 Bushwick Award for Outstanding contribution to Science and Technology and […]